The Election Is Over…Right?

The Election Is Over...Right?

By Raymond Shipley

It is now December and the 2016 election is over. But not really.

Despite the uproar about now President Elect Donald Trump saying he may not accept the results of the election, that it was in fact a "threat" to our "democracy" to even insinuate the results could be put to question, that is exactly what the regressives are doing now. The election, as it so happens, was rigged.

FBI Director James Comey tainted the election by releasing information that Clinton, who has been under investigation for federal crimes concerning national security, was still under investigation due to new evidence. The timing of this release was designed to...wait, what? Oh, that's not a thing anymore? Ok, sorry.

Well, the media's coverage of the Trump campaign clearly gave him an edge in the election, despite the fact it was overwhelmingly negative. Had it not been for the media...oh, is that beating a dead horse now, too?

With all the excuses it is understandably hard to keep up with which reason is the official version as to why Clinton lost. The newest allegation is that Russia hacked the election and tilted it in Trump's favor. Nevermind the fact Clinton sold Russia 20% of US uranium and has proven time and again she is vulnerable to bribery and negligence, Russia clearly desired to negotiate with a candidate that single-handedly took out the entire GOP, manipulated the media in order to fund his campaign, and is sternly backed by the US military, law enforcement and border patrol. Does this even add up?

So, what evidence is there? None, at least as of yet. The CIA is alleged to have an internal disagreement about it, but there is a faction that claims Russia is guilty. Of course, the FBI disagrees, so who's to say what is right and what is false? Well, the burden of proof, logically, lies with those making the allegation. Until evidence is presented, it remains unsubstantiated and just white noise. That this is even a discussion is insulting.

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