Stay Hydrated, My Friends

Stay Hydrated, My Friends

By Raymond Shipley

The majority of people walk around dehydrated without even knowing it. By the time the body tells the mind it is thirsty, it is already long past the point of dehydration. Water performs many essential functions in the body, and staying hydrated is of the utmost importance. 

Dehydration causes many negative effects, not least of which is the impairment of protein synthesis. It goes without saying a bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast will be impeded if this occurs. Hydration, by contrast, leads to the quick removal of harmful toxins, as well as vascularity, and assists the kidneys in ensuring there is a limited risk of kidney stones, which is imperative on a high protein diet. 

Water also assists with metabolism. Researchers found the less water women drank, the slower they burned calories, with even mild dehydration slowing metabolism by as much as 3%. Drinking more water also helps the liver more efficiently use stored fat for energy and combat hunger pangs, increases energy output by regulating blood pressure and increasing oxygen and nutrient flow to cells, and eases joint and back pains. Joints, spinal discs and cartilage are composed primarily of water, and hydration allows bones to glide smoothly over one another and absorb shocks without pain. If an individual is attempting to build muscle or burn fat, an adequate amount of water is needed to maximize results. 

There simply is no substitute for drinking plenty of water. An amount equal to 0.66 times an individual's body weight in ounces should be taken in per day in order to be sure the body is hydrated and functioning properly. So, stay hydrated, my friends. 

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