You Regressives Make Me Sick

You Regressives Make Me Sick

By Raymond Shipley

Well, the Regressives are at it again. Surprised? Yeah, didn't think so. In the name of "tolerance" the most intolerant, my way or the highway, human dross have, once again, demanded you vote for the Regressive agenda. And, as per usual, the demand is laced with profanity, obscenities and insults at anyone that disagrees with them.

Reach Victoria has, on several occasions, articulated why Donald Trump needs to be elected president of the United States. It isn't because he has such a winning personality, or is saintly in any way. No, the argument has been on issues of protecting the Constitution, merit and the chance for Conservative principles to survive past this decade. The opposing argument has consistently been that Trump is the boogey man. This author has yet to see a well thought-out argument in favor of Hillary that didn't consist solely of trashing the GOP nominee. "When they go low, we go high." Yeah, right.

Sadly, every, single argument that has been used against Trump can be turned against Clinton a thousand times over. And over. And over. Racist? How about "taco bowl voters," "needy latinos," "super predators" that need to be "taken to heel," or my favorite, middle eastern "sand niggers." Tax returns? Nevermind that Wikileaks has revealed the most shady, corrupt connections imaginable in Clinton. I guess focusing on what could-be is more relevant than what is. Perversion? Ha! Nothing like getting a child rapist off, calling Bill's victims and affair partners "bimbos," and then turning around and lying to the American people about it all. And worried about war? Reach Victoria already addressed this issue, but suffice to say Hillary doesn't exactly have a winning track record when it comes to pointless wars.

Lets just be honest, Regressives: you have no argument. You want this country to conform to your ideas, and you can't even defend why. And a great many Clinton voters are simply too immature to make a decision based on reason, and instead go with "feels." And to those who cry "racist"? I say that it is you that are the racists, and you need a racist boogey man to justify your own racism. 

No two candidates could possibly represent a greater difference in ideals. I would ask for rational debate about the merits of each candidate, but that seems to be an impossibility for two reasons: Hillary voters have no argument in favor of "Her" without ad hominem; and because they know it the conversation always spirals into a feces slinging fest. Thus, I won't hold my breath waiting for a reasoned argument.

As for the "celebrities" in this video, they should be ashamed. That Western culture is being eroded more and more day by day is in no small part because of this dross. One good thing to come out of all this is the masks have been abandoned, at least temporarily. We've all seen who you really are, and we will not soon forget.

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