Raise Testosterone With Vitamin D

Raise Testosterone With Vitamin D

By Raymond Shipley

In a world filled with ways to gain an edge some are always on the lookout for the next best thing. Since testosterone was synthesized decades ago, bodybuilders and athletes have experimented with hormones and prohormones in order to overcome genetic limitations and enhance their physiques. Without taking sides in the natural vs enhanced debate, there must be an all natural supplement that offers similar benefits to these anabolics; and there is.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that not only aids in bone health, such as with the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous, it also functions as a prohormone. As studies have shown vitamin D can bind to the androgen receptor, possibly duplicating some of the muscle building properties of testosterone. It can also turn on genes that generate muscle growth and strength.

Included in the genes regulated by Vitamin D are some that appear to be involved in testosterone production. A study by Wehr et al. showed a strong correlation between vitamin D levels and that of testosterone in over 2,000 men. Consequently, the subjects with the lowest levels of vitamin D also had the lowest levels of testosterone, with the reverse being likewise shown. Additionally, the study also found that higher levels of vitamin D produced lower amounts of the sex hormone binding globulin protein (SHBG). Due to testosterone circulating in the blood bound mostly to SHBG, vitamin D's ability to lower this protein leads to greater testosterone activity. Therefore, vitamin D not only increases testosterone production but also its activity by diminishing SHBG's inhibitory influence.

Vitamin D also has anti-aromatase potential gained by decreasing the expression of the aromatase enzyme. Because aromatase activity in fat cells lowers testosterone levels by catalyzing test into estradiol, vitamin D's ability to decrease aromatase again helps increase testosterone. Likewise, a study in which mice were given large quantities of androstenedione, which converts easily to estradiol via aromatase, showed mice that received vitamin D injections showed a significant decrease in levels of aromatase and lower estradiol compared to the mice that did not receive the injections. 

With such a sedentary, indoor generation being reared it seems likely testosterone levels will continue to drop unless something is done about it. Vitamin D has the ability to regulate the expression of specific genes that are involved in muscle growth, and in an age where sunlight and nutrition are far from en vogue supplementing with such a vitamin seems almost mandatory. So, stock up on vitamin D and reveal the optimum self.

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