One Exercise Guaranteed to Transform That Beer-Belly Into a Six-Pack

One Exercise Guaranteed to Transform That Beer-Belly Into a Six-Pack

By Raymond Shipley

When my bodybuilding sojourn began it was quickly realized I was a hardgainer. Simply put, this meant my metabolism was lightning fast, and despite many efforts it seemed impossible to gain quality mass. 

Despite my own problems and goals, the standard client is looking to drop weight, not put it on. There is a misconception about magical exercises that, if done excessively, melt body fat and reveal a toned physique. Yes, resistance training and cardio are of the utmost importance; but, the question most often asked is what exercise, specifically, transforms a beer-belly into a six-pack.

Luckily, this author does know one exercise guaranteed to drop unwanted pounds. It is simple in execution, but not often used by clients that could benefit the most. Proper form is as follows: 

Using a pronated grip with elbows bent to roughly 90 degrees, place hands on bowl or plate and extend arms to just short of lock-out. Or, put simply, just push the food away.

Dieting is as simple or difficult as one wishes it to be. If the goal is to drop weight, then drop calories. If one is still not dropping weight, drop more calories. Repeat until the weight begins to go down. It is true that much goes into designing nutrition plans that are well-balanced and have optimal ratios of macro and micro nutrients; however, the bottom line is if one isn't losing weight - and that's the goal - it's time to lose some calories.

Yes, doing crunches and the like will strengthen the abs and over time create a six-pack; however, unless and until the layer of fat around the abs is dealt with, no one will ever see those coveted ab muscles. Often in explaining this I use the analogy of putting six bricks on the ground in the shape of a six pack. "Yes, that's what I want!" is often the response. Now, what if I were to put a nice, thick blanket over the top of the bricks? They are still there, but no one would know it as long as the blanket remains. 

Although this article is written jokingly, sometimes the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) techniques are the most successful. It pays to understand basic concepts before getting too lost in jargon. Nearly every diet has the chance to be successful, which has already been touched upon in the article Let's Get Hungry. So, for now, just push the food away, and the pounds with it.

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