“New Year, New You?”

"New Year, New You?"

By Raymond Shipley

It is January and last year is just a memory. The "new year, new you" crew is about to invade the gym, if it hasn't happened already. And this is a wonderful thing.

There are times in life when motivation attempts to slip away. It is our duty to use every excuse as reason for success. Sometimes it is the competition, others it is the camaraderie. Whatever lights the fire, or increases its intensity, is another weapon in one's arsenal. Wife or husband is a loved one to impress, children a reason to be healthy, gym competition a reason to transcend the masses.

As easy as it is to get frustrated with the new recruits simply due to their inexperience, the masses of newcomers should make every dedicated fitness enthusiast smile. Accept the challengers like a gladiator in the ring. "We who are about to die salute you."

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