Let’s Get Hungry

Let's Get Hungry

By Raymond Shipley

A question has been often asked by enthusiasts and the curious alike. That is, "what percent is diet, and what percent should be training?". My favorite answer to that is "Diet is 100%. Training is the other 100%". The truth is if one focuses on anything less than the whole, results will suffer. In short, results reflect the work. If fitness is important, and clearly it is or one wouldn't be reading this, then jump in with both feet and get it done. In the end it is really that simple.

So, what diet works? For the most part, they all work. There is no miracle diet or training style that is magical and will yield results for everyone the same way. Just as everyone is an unique individual, your dietary requirements will likewise be unique and suited to you. However, some basic rules to follow in the pursuit of health, muscle and overall wellness should be followed.

First, be sure to eat a variety of foods. Ketosis type diets work well for some people, but excessive periods without carbohydrates can cause issues, so it is better to cycle the carbs if ketosis is a style one prefers. Additionally, there are micronutrients to consider, and the body needs vitamins and minerals found in an assortment of foods, so why fight the obvious?

Next, be sure to give a diet an actual chance to work before discarding completely. The body takes time to adjust to a program, which is typically why I keep a client on a program for up to 6 weeks at a time. 

Last for today, macronutrients are too often misunderstood. Carbohydrates are energy and fat is an essential nutrient for basic bodily functions. Please, do not completely cut these out of your daily nutrition program indefinitely. Even ketosis allows for fibrous carbohydrates. And protein is absolutely essential in one's endeavors to build muscle and improve physique! Without protein, do not expect to be anabolic, be in a positive nitrogen balance nor build muscle. According to the RDA (recommended daily allowance) a person should intake 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight in order to stay in a positive nitric balance. Most bodybuilders up this to 1.5-2 grams. Thus, if one's daily caloric intake doesn't reflect even the basics of good health and fitness, it is past time to address this issue.

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