Hillary’s America – Review

"Hillary's America" - Movie Review

By Raymond Shipley

This year's election has quickly become one of the most interesting and exciting political climates in the history of the United States. Insults, promises, scandals and crimes have been the norm, and now two contenders for the highest office in the land have emerged to duke it out for who will be POTUS. The Republican candidate, Donald Trump, promises an end to illegal immigration, common core, an audit of the Fed, a step back from the UN and a tough stance on radical Islamic terror. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate, promises social justice, expansion of government healthcare, an adherence to Council on Foreign Relations international policy, and a continuance of Obama's legacy. The platforms are America First nationalism versus social justice globalism. How exciting!

"But who are these Democrats?" to quote Dinesh D'Souza in his film, "Hillary's America". In the film, Dinesh endeavors to show the Democratic Party in the United States is, and has always been, the party of theft and bigotry. And he does a very good job.

Beginning with his sentencing for violating campaign funding laws, Dinesh is sent off to live with America's criminals. Therein he learns the essence of crime is always theft, and the process is always the same. This process includes coming up with the con, recruiting, promising anything and never giving up the con: deny, deny, deny. The inmates also unanimously laughed when Dinesh wonders if the Democrats were running a con, claiming they are the party for minorities and the downtrodden. To them, it is the Republicans running the con. Dinesh isn't so sure.

Who Are the Democrats?

The Democratic Party was started by Andrew Jackson, who the film paints as a racist, slave owning, indian killing bigot. Citing many factual specifics, Dinesh showcases Jackson to be evil incarnate, and the essence of the DNC. This is my biggest beef with the film, in that it highlights certain things while ignoring others. This is just standard practice, and the reverse history is what is taught in American schools today, so I won't pick on this much; however, Jackson, in addition to all his nefarious deeds, was the last president to pay off our national debt and made it his life's mission to kill the central bank. Both these achievements are, to me, enough to make Jackson a good president, if not a great one.

Continuing with the tale, it shows the Republican party was born with the specific goal of ending slavery in the United States. Lincoln is portrayed as the champion of this cause, and in fact is claimed to have only wanted black people in America to enjoy the same freedoms as their white counterparts. This is just not true, however, as Lincoln was a colonist that wanted to send freed black slaves out of the US, specifically to Africa and the Caribbean. To quote Lincoln:

"In the language of Mr. Jefferson, uttered many years ago, "It is still in our power to direct the process of emancipation, and deportation, peaceably, and in such slow degrees, as that the evil will wear off insensibly; and in their places be, pari passu [on an equal basis], filled up by free white laborers." 

This isn't to detract from all the great things Lincoln did, and in fact actions speak louder than words, which is what this movie is really about. Lincoln DID free the slaves, which counts for much more than anything he said in attempt to keep the Union intact. In freeing the slaves and exercising his Constitutional right to print government money (Greenbacks) Lincoln was a great president, despite having on several occasions overstepped his Constitutional powers (qv suspending writ of habeas corpus).

From Klan to Johnson

Dinesh goes on to show how the Ku Klux Klan was the militant arm of the Democratic Party, which is absolutely true. It was Democrats that passed Jim Crow laws, lynched black men, and overall kept the areas they controlled far behind those run by the Republican Party. Alexis de Tocquiville is quoted again in this movie, as he is in past D'Souza films, and as he exclaimed in the previous movie, the Democratic south was plagued by laziness due to slavery. Likewise the Democrats were again stifling progress in both their economy and society. 

Woodrow Wilson, that champion of "progressivism", is targeted next, and rightfully so. The president that gave us the Federal Reserve, steered the US into World War I and championed internationalism with his League of Nations idea is shown as the horrible man he was. Unfortunately, the Fed, war and internationalism aren't listed as his crimes, but rather his showing of the film "The Birth of a Nation" in the White House and his discriminatory policies come to the fore. Wilson was a terrible president for myriad reasons, his bigotry included, and D'Souza surely slams Wilson for this, although he deserved so much more.

The transition from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Lyndon Johnson wasn't as smooth as it could have been, and left me a bit cross-eyed. Roosevelt was a president even worse than Wilson, with his "New Deal", confiscation of gold and expanding the internationalism of Wilson to never before seen heights, which included getting into bed with the communists and selling off Eastern Europe the same as the Democrats sold off black America's 40 acres and a mule. There is no mention of Truman, who was himself a member of the KKK, and Johnson's Israel First policy, which has been adopted by Liberal and Neocon alike, wasn't mentioned.

Bait and Switch to Hillary

The mythical party switch, which is always cited without evidence, is addressed, thankfully. The allegation that racist Democrats defected to the Republican Party in the 1960s is shown to be an epic lie. Less than 1% of Democrats left to join the Republicans, and it was in fact the Republican Party that voted to pass Civil Rights legislation, desegregating the south. The Republicans had been fillibusted by the Democrats for decades in trying to pass such legislation, but the Democrats managed to steal credit. Machiavelli would be proud.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are the central focus of the film, and they get their due. I've already written about Hillary's lies, deceit and murder (read part 1, part 2, and part 3), and in fact D'Souza lists only some of their crimes. I left much out as well due to growing tired of having such filth on my hands for longer than necessary. D'Souza perhaps felt the same. Considering the timing of this movie's release, with the newest email scandal and the now well known theft of the nomination and Haiti relief money, this movie is a major nail in the Clinton coffin. 

Hillary's ties to Saul Alinsky, who himself used mob tactics to inspire the "have nots" to combine against the "haves" (Marx would be proud of his tribesman), should be the necessary piece of the puzzle to unravel Clinton's corruption. Dinesh claims Hillary wants to run the US, at the federal level, the same way Democrats have run cities like Chicago: with Alinsky's mob stratagem and federal type City Bosses. If this is the case, and the evidence is compelling, America should be very afraid, and very angry. 

Go See For Yourself

Overall, the film is excellent in content and presentation. I highly recommend seeing it for oneself in order to truly grasp who the Democrats, and the Clinton's in particular, truly are. An evil duo, working in tandem to rob America as its wealth is willingly handed over to these demons. And, in true Dinesh fashion, the movie ends in epic form, ripe with an American patriotism appropriate for the film. I brought a good friend with me to see the film. A former marine, he got teary eyed during the finale and thanked me for bringing him to see the film. It was my pleasure.
Highly recommended.

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