Hillary- Lies, Deceit, Murder (Part 2)

Hillary - Lies, Deceit, Murder (Part 2)

By Raymond Shipley

In 1992 Bill Clinton was elected President of the United States, and with him came Hillary as First Lady. Having no respect for the will of the people President Clinton placed the unqualified and unelected Hillary in charge of US Healthcare. Despite admitting she was "not an expert on healthcare...I am not someone who has studied it" Hillary kept the Presidential Task Force on National Healthcare Reform under such lock and key that a federal judge threatened to hold the Clinton administration in contempt. The Healthcare plan included Gatekeepers, health alliances, purchasing cooperatives, higher taxes and restrictions on choice of doctors. After public outrage by Democrats and Republicans alike the program failed miserably. The result of investigation into alleged misconduct led to Hillary and others being fined $450,000 for dishonesty.

While the Clintons were in the White House the administration improperly requested and received FBI background reports on 900 Republican officials. This information was allegedly requested for Hillary's "enemies list". This act led to investigations, cover-ups and dismissals of many government officials. Due to their plentiful illegal activities and the inevitable legal cases brought against them, the Clinton Legal Defense Fund was established so individuals and companies could garner the favor of the Clinton administration by helping pay all their legal fees.

Always undaunted by the law, the Clintons soon became involved in another scandal, aptly named Chinagate. In 1996 the Justice Department investigated campaign fundraising abuses and cover-ups regarding efforts by China to influence US policy. In violation of US Law, agents for the Chinese government funnelled millions into the Clinton re-election campaign, Clinton Legal Defense Fund and the DNC. Department of Justice reports stated "a pattern of events suggests a level of knowledge within the White House - including the President's and First Lady's offices - concerning the injection of foreign funds into the re-election effort." 

One misdeed after another prompted Hillary and Bill to use their power to intimidate opponents. It is now fairly well known the Clintons began using the IRS to harass enemies, including Republicans, the White House Travel Office, the NRA, Judicial Watch, the Heritage Foundation and other conservative organizations. A senior IRS official admitted that Clinton opponents were singled out for audit. Perhaps most heinously, Bill Clinton's rape accusers were audited to terrorize them into silence, including Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick and Elizabeth Ward Gracen. "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely" seems to define the Clinton legacy. 

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