Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

By Raymond Shipley

It's October, and who doesn't love a good Halloween? Decorating the home, carving pumpkins and dressing up has been a tradition in the United States for some time. But in recent reading, this author came across many articles admonishing parents and society for allowing children to participate in such a scary and demonic holiday.

It is true Halloween has pagan origins in the macabre, and yet it is also true that good and religious folk have made the holiday a part of family traditions for a good long while. So, what is really going on? Is Halloween a fun filled family tradition to be preserved, or is it just too scary?

As with most things, context is key. Halloween was clearly a part of Western tradition when morality ruled the day; however, in the world of now it can easily be described as simply going too far at times. This is less a reflection on the holiday than on the morality of society as a whole. 

Children need to be encouraged to use their imaginations. There are some children that simply cannot differentiate fantasy from reality at a young age, but there are many more who can. A holiday that brings the family together and solidifies the link between past and present has its virtues, and although a family may choose to not participate in certain aspects of such a holiday for moral or religious reasons, the value of Halloween in its many forms and names is difficult to deny. 

In the end, celebrating the family traditions connected with Halloween are highly encouraged, and the individual family should know what is appropriate for them. Keep the flame of family traditions burning, and Happy Halloween!

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