Go F*ck Yourselves – An Open Letter To Whom It May Concern

Go F*ck Yourselves - An Open Letter To Whom It May Concern

By Raymond Shipley

The amount of racism I have seen this election directed at me and my ancestors has been overwhelming and eye opening. That so many cast their vote out of a racism they pretend doesn't exist, all while wearing it proudly and claiming it's ok because they're a "minority" or "POC", rather than on what was best for this nation, is shameful. I have seen countless people turn their backs on the principles for which they allege to stand, all in the name of their race and try to pretend somehow they aren't racist. You're pro-life, but race is more important. Complain about common core, but race takes precedence. Tired of taxes, but to Hell with that.

I did not see even ONE argument in favor of Clinton on actual policy. Not ONE! I asked again and again, but all that was ever vomited forth were hypocritical ad hominems against Trump. Nevermind Clinton was under FBI investigation for what amounts to TREASON. Nevermind it was revealed they had cheated Sanders. Nevermind they paid people to cause riots at Trump rallies all while saying he was the violent one. Nevermind the fact taking someone furniture shopping isn't sexual assault, nor is telling a guy on a bus that women LET you kiss and grab them because you're a celebrity, which is the OPPOSITE of sexual assault (they let you implies consent morons). Nevermind Bill settled a rape case for over $800k and Hillary was complicit in every case. Nevermind she called Bill's alleged victims "bimbos." Nevermind she sold 20% of our URANIUM to Russia. Nevermind Benghazi. Nevermind ANY of it.

It's really sad people can convince themselves of something without a single bit of hard evidence aside from their own fears and prejudice. It is YOU that are the haters; YOU that are close minded; YOU that are the racists.

So, be honest for once about why you feel the way you do, why you voted the way you did, and why you continue to post the hateful garbage you do. Oh, and go F**k yourselves.

A revolution in sentiments, manners and moral opinions