It is January and last year is just a memory. The "new year, new you" crew is about to invade the gym, if it hasn't happened already. And this is a wonderful thing.

"New Year, New You?"



The majority of people walk around dehydrated without even knowing it. By the time the body tells the mind it is thirsty, it is already long past the point of dehydration. Water performs many essential functions in the body, and staying hydrated is of the utmost importance.

Stay Hydrated, My Friends



I love to fast. I love it when I have eaten clean food. I cannot study if I have eaten chocolate. I cannot justify my existence if I have not trained for over three days. If I feel fat I cannot think, except about my fatness.

The Thirst for Hunger — Intermittent Fasting, Ketogenic Diet and the Facilitation of Learning



Don't let stagnation, nor time restraints prevent adequate training. Get in the gym and HIT the weights.

HIT the Weights


This author does know one exercise guaranteed to drop unwanted pounds. It is simple in execution, but not often used by clients that could benefit the most.

One Exercise Guaranteed to Transform That Beer-Belly Into a Six-Pack


One of the more popular styles of training, and for good reason, is post-exhaust.

Post Exhaust


Using heavy, compound movements to form the backbone of one's routine is a must.

Go Big or Go Home


It is hard enough for those single and working only part time. What about moms who want to be fit, or better yet, working moms who have decided to incorporate fitness into their lives?

Be a Fit Mom


There are bad backs, bad shoulders, heart conditions, hormonal imbalances and everything else imaginable, but bad knees is almost a given when it comes to new clients.

Bad Knees, Good Program


It is once again September and the Superbowl of bodybuilding, the Mr. Olympia competition, is upon us. Current title holder, Phil Heath, is on track to potentially win his 5th Sandow (Mr. Olympia title) but he does face some stiff competition.

Mr. Olympia 2016 Preview


With such a sedentary, indoor generation being reared it seems likely testosterone levels will continue to drop unless something is done about it.

Raise Testosterone With Vitamin D


All the perfect exercises, programs and even nutrition in the world will not create one's best physique if the mind/muscle connection is not developed. 

The Mind/Muscle Connection


For the beginner, the question inevitably rises as to how often one should lift. Whenever one embarks on a new journey, through lands unknown, it is best to have a roadmap that leads to the desired destination.

Push, Pull, Legs


The "Dad bod" has become the bane of modern man's existence in terms of fitness. Even an otherwise great physique can be marred by the presence of belly fat, and it is unhealthy to boot.

Lose the "Dad Bod" - Alternate Day Fasting


Imagine having two brains, one in our head - which controls the central nervous system - and the other in our stomach, both created by the same tissue during fetal development.

Food, Alcohol and Fitness


Partial reps, or the act of doing an exercise through a shorter range of motion (ROM) than normal, has been ostracized by newly certified and part time, after school trainers since I can remember. But, does such a technique work to promote strength and muscle growth?

Partial Reps


Pre-exhaust quickly becomes a godsend for leg training with knees that aren't completely gone as it allows fatigue of the target muscle before moving on to the heavier lifts, where ego might take precedence over hypertrophy.

Pre-Exhaust For Growth


I'm not entirely sure where this term originates and, considering most "bros" I've seen in the gym spend consecutive days solely training beach muscles, I'm not sure it is accurate.

Bro-Splits? What the...


Eccentric training, or focus on keeping the weight moving slowly during the negative portion of the lift, has been shown to produce amazing gains in size and strength.

Eccentric Training


It would seem that, among other fruits and nuts such as black raspberries, raspberries, strawberries, walnuts and almonds, pomegranate juice helps both reduce muscle soreness and improve strength.

Antioxidants To Reduce Muscle Soreness


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