Family and Tradition

Oma and Opa

Chivalry was once treated as the standard, but nowadays one seldom hears "ladies first" or sees a man opening doors for a woman.

Chivalry is Dead?


Oma and Opa

Merry Christmas and Yuletide Greetings! Of all seasons that are possessed of deep, traditional meanings, Jul is perhaps the most significant.

Merry Christmas! The Sun, Winter and Saviour


Oma and Opa

After the long year of sowing it is now time to harvest and enjoy the fruits of one's labours. It is the time of Harvest and Thanksgiving in the Western world.

Harvest, Thanksgiving and Our Guiding Light


Oma and Opa

The saying goes "it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch." The world is full of bad apples, and it is up to us to be the force that champions excellence.

Positive Influence - Be the Waterfall


Oma and Opa

Grandparents are the often overlooked members of the family. It is from our own parents that we learn to raise our children, and as such they deserve a position of both love and respect in the traditional family.

Oma and Opa


"Latch-Key Kids" and the Effects of Daycare

The positive effects of having parents raise their children cannot be overstated, just as the negative impact of daycare cannot be ignored.

"Latch-Key Kids" and the Effects of Daycare


Man's Best Friend

Man's best friend has been with us for tens of thousands of years, and for good reason. 

Man's Best Friend


Keep the flame of family traditions burning, and Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween


For fun and for family, it is time to spend some evenings together playing games and uniting as a family. 

There Is Always Time For Family Game Night


It is a parent's duty to cultivate the roots of independence and responsibility that make possible the ability to soar.

The Gift of Personal Responsibility


Family comes first, and gifting our children with such valuable life lessons is not, nor should be, optional.

Our Families, Our Traditions


No matter how busy our daily lives get, creating a routine for our children is paramount.

All In a Day's Work


Being compassionate parents and spouses is the key to not only healing our loved ones and giving them the tools to live healthy lives of worth, it is also the answer to healing our own wounds.

Breaking the Cycle of Betrayal


It is experience that breeds empathy, so it is perhaps time the egocentrics and narcissists experience they are not the center of the universe. 

No, You're Not Above Reproach


The lessons of life are hard and at times cruel. Failure is a necessary component of success, and should be acknowledged as such.

Reach For the Stars


It is religion that defines culture and culture which gives birth to and sustains a civilization. With the death of religion will come the end of Western culture and thus Western Civilization.

God is Dead?


Our Founding Fathers believed in an America in which the citizens were armed and knowledgable about such arms.

Guns - An American Rite of Passage


People emulate what they see and this is no different merely because feelings wish it to be so. The desire to live in a moral, prosperous and fulfilling society dictates what is showcased must reflect that desire.

Morality In Media


Just as we represent our parents and ancestry, our children are a reflection of ourselves and the family line passed down from generation to generation.

Our Family Is Our Legacy


She was an extraordinary person throughout her entire life, and before she left I promised to make her proud: of the husband I am, the father and the man.

Hush Now


Marriage and family have been the basis of society for thousands of years, and should remain so.

Say "I Do"


I didn't deserve a woman so special, and in truth she deserved a better son. 

I Love You Mom


Parents, and society as a whole, want children to be happy and socially engaged, motivated and animated, decent and accomplished. Quality family time is paramount to producing such results.

Family Refection


Technology needs to take a back seat in the raising of our families, so get outside and reacquainted with the world.

Get Outside


It is past time individuals stopped seeing themselves as independent of the whole and realize our sense of duty to ourselves, our families and the world.

Traditional Family and Your Children


When showing honor to our parents is integral to having a moral society, doing so becomes an act of duty to all.

In Tribute to Mom and Dad


A true test of a man's character is how he raises his children. Above all, be there for your children when they need you, for if not you, who?

Be an Influential Father


A revolution in sentiments, manners and moral opinions