Family and Tradition – Be an Influential Father

Be An Influential Father

By Raymond Shipley


"A truly rich man is one who's children run into his arms when his hands are empty."

As a man I cannot think of a more important duty than being a father to my children. Easily the most difficult job I've ever done, it has also proven to be the most rewarding. To see your child emulate your best qualities, excel in their favorite activities, or simply laugh with joy is a feeling no words can describe.

So why has the role of Dad seemingly been sidelined in favor of the single mom, and men encouraged to abandon raising their children in order to pursue less virtuous enterprises? 

Until recently research into the area of parenting has focused on the mother; however, as luck would have it, Dad has been getting more attention lately for the major role he plays in the life of his children. In fact, according to Ronald Rohner, the directer of the Center for the Study of Interpersonal Acceptance and Rejection at the University of Connecticut, fathers are, in many cases, exerting more influence on childrens' behavior than mothers.

Delinquency, depression, substance abuse, behavior and overall psychological adjustment are closely linked to parental rejection and low self-esteem, and it seems Dad plays an even larger role than Mom. On the flip-side, father love and acceptance can effect happiness and life satisfaction at an equally disproportionate level. "Knowing that kids feel loved by their father is a better predictor of young adults' sense of well-being," Rohner said.

Authoritative parenting, characterized by accountability to rules, age appropriate autonomy, as well as warmth and love, has been most closely linked to whether teens will exhibit more persistence and less delinquency. "Tough love" may be one of the keys to raising children right. 

It is to this generation's detriment the stern father figure of yesteryear has become synonymous with misogyny, whereas abandonment of one's children and actual misogyny have become the norm. If not corrected this will perpetuate and each generation will fall farther into the abyss. 

Set rules and boundaries, give challenges and freedoms, hug your children and tell them you love them. A true test of a man's character is how he raises his children. Above all, be there for your children when they need you, for if not you, who?

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