Current Events

Current Events

The European relationship has been amongst the most divisive issues in British politics in the last century. From its inception the European Union has become a fiercely dividing topic of debate.

Why Has Britain's Membership In The EU Been So Divisive In British Politics?


Let the record now show that, in this author's opinion, France would do well to elect Marine Le Pen and reclaim France for the French. Vive la révolution!

Vive La Révolution!


There exists an unholy trinity of powers, intrinsically linked, that actively suppress the masses in the West: the banks; the media; and big politics.

The Powers That Be


The year 2016 is drawing to a close, and with it one of the most volatile years in recent history. So, what lessons has 2016 taught us?

Walls For Tolerance?


The newest allegation is that Russia hacked the election and tilted it in Trump's favor. Does this even add up?

The Election Is Over...Right?


As is his style, Obama loaded this statement with fallacies and half-truths, with just enough fact to defend it from those that would point them out. 

The Devil's In The Details


The Golden State has become a nanny state comprised of tantrum throwing former daycare kids. But a Calexit will absolutely never be tolerated by Republicans or Democrats.

Buck Up, Buttercup - California Isn't Going Anywhere


The amount of racism I have seen this election directed at me and my ancestors has been overwhelming and eye opening...Oh, and go F**k yourselves.

Go F*ck Yourselves - An Open Letter To Whom It May Concern


Well, the Regressives are at it again. Surprised? Yeah, didn't think so. In the name of "tolerance" the most intolerant, my way or the highway, human dross have, once again, demanded you vote for the Regressive agenda.

You Regressives Make Me Sick


Despite new polls that come out daily showing Clinton with the lead over Trump, many continue to scratch their heads in wonder as to how this can be.

Believe Your Own Lying Eyes


While Trump is attacked for his assertions that it would be nice if America and Russia got along, Clinton is calling for a no-fly zone in Syria.

Trump, Clinton and Russia


A revolution in sentiments, manners and moral opinions