Current Events – The Pope, Walls and the West

The Pope, Walls and the West

By Raymond Shipley

It appears Pope Francis is taking a staunch political stance on immigration into the West. What can one say about this current Pope? Has he stood for the change the Catholic Church has desperately needed to face the corruption inherent in its clergy? Has the evil been rooted out of the labyrinth of priests, Bishops and other Holy men in attempt to purify? Hardly.

The change this Pope seems content in bringing to not just the Catholic Church, but Western Civilization as a whole, consists of the same tired, globalist message we've all heard before. No culture, no borders, no differences. As it has been each and every time this message has been propagated on a mass scale, this ideal is a dream, and frankly not one I share. Never mind the fact we have centuries of experimentation that show the hypothesis that different peoples and cultures can live together in peace is a farce, this remains something I simply do not desire.

I love diversity, difference, variety. The idea of traveling the world and seeing new places, new faces, a land foreign and alien to my own is exciting. I long to venture into lands I have hitherto not explored and see them as they are meant to be. To see Egypt and its pyramids, smell the unique smells and bathe in the sight of the unique population is what makes Egypt a coveted place on my list. To be among the descendants of the ancient Greeks at the Parthenon, Romans at the Coliseum, Chinese at the Great Wall makes the journey worth experiencing. I desire not to take with me preconceived notions of these great people based on culture clashes in my own land.

A basic history lesson reveals Christendom and Islam have spent over a thousand years fighting and killing each other. Is there any indication the fundamental reasons for this have changed? No. To this day there is an animosity not likely to dissipate any time soon. I won't use this piece to map history or place blame, but simply to say this hatred does exist. I will, however, state simply the Catholic Church once acted as defender of Europe against Islam. Apparently, as Churchill felt his own progressive idealism trumped his duties to preserve the British Empire, Pope Francis likewise feels he can ignore his duties to protect Christendom and the Church and take a chance no other Pope has been foolish enough to risk. Is this who the Church desires to lead them?

In the United States of America it has been said we are a nation of immigrants. Are we? Is that why the Founding Fathers required the President to be a natural born citizen in order to be trusted to lead? What separates the United States from its Latin neighbors is we are a nation of laws and liberty. Our laws stem from our European ancestry and the concept of liberty employed is likewise uniquely European. To change the demographic will inevitably change the nation. Is this a positive thing? One need only look at the status of every nation with a dominant Latin American population. Is this the desired change? If those leaving these countries are coming to the United States because it is the nation it is, one would be hard pressed to argue how it would be desirable to change the US into that which is being fled. Moreover, if these people are fleeing their lands because of the corruption of rule and law only to demand the US corrupt its laws in order to accept this new population, they have only succeeded in bringing with them the corruption from which they were running.

If diversity is our strength then embrace it and remain diverse. Each land is deserving of its own uniqueness in history, culture and people. Lets not ruin it in a misguided social experiment that has time and again failed in the past. As for the Pope, if I were Catholic I would demand better. When the job description is to protect the Church and spread the gospel it isn't unreasonable to expect such qualifications be met. Since he is actively acting against the interests of the Church and the culture that has evolved Europe for thousands of years he should be dismissed. The British watched their Empire collapse around them due to an egomaniac, and Christendom will witness the same if the current course is not changed.

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