Clinton v Trump – First Debate Rules

Clinton v Trump - First Debate Rules

By Raymond Shipley

Come this Monday will be the first of three scheduled debates between Clinton and Trump. If history is any indication of how these debates will play out, it could get very ugly for Hillary, as Trump is known for his ruthlessness in attacking debate opponents.
So much rides on this first debate the importance cannot be stressed enough. Clinton's request for a step stool in order to not be dwarfed by her 6'2 opponent has been denied, and she has likewise been informed there are no commercial breaks, and therefore no coughing breaks either. Hillary will have to be cough and fall free in order to even have a chance against the Donald. In addition, the debate moderator Lester Holt does not have the authority to cut away or mute anyone's microphone. This should be interesting.
Be sure to tune in for the first debate to see how the candidates stack up. 

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