Chivalry is Dead?

Chivalry is Dead?

By Raymond Shipley

Raising children in today's day-and-age has been made very difficult by the direction in which our society has been heading. Gone are the days where it was a given that families were families, school was school, and children were children. No longer can it be simply taken for granted that morality and virtue are being taught outside the home, and the peers with whom our children come into contact may very well display behaviours antithetical to that which we find desirable. 

Chivalry was once treated as the standard, but nowadays one seldom hears "ladies first" or sees a man opening doors for a woman. Decades ago it was a given that in a catastrophe women and children would be saved first and if a girl was cold a boy would offer his coat. Things have changed, and certainly not for the better. Hollywood and the media, as well as the education system, bear much blame for this abandonment of virtue.

The results of such a shift? Divorce, absentee parenting and an overall lack of empathy and complementary roles. If everyone is responsible for every thing it is likely that no one will take responsibility for any thing. Roles and routine lead to healthy and fulfilling lives.

It has been shown in a study done by the Society for the Psychology of Women that despite what one sees in TV Shows and movies, chivalry leads to more life satisfaction. Of course, this study was meant to show that chivalry, or as they call it benevolent sexism, needed to be stamped out and was still a leading cause of inequality on a structural level despite the benefits on the personal level. Classic example of denying the evidence in favour of feelings.

Men and women are different, and as such their roles should be different. As honourable folks it is up to us to raise our children to honour age old virtue for their sake, and society's. Women are our wives and mothers, sisters and daughters, and it is our responsibility to instil in them the value inherent in their very existence. Likewise, men are husbands and fathers, brothers and sons, and it is our duty to raise men that understand the importance of their role as men.

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