Be a Fit Mom

Be a Fit Mom

By Raymond Shipley

It has been established that Consistency Is Key to developing the best physique one can. But it is hard enough for those single and working only part time. What about moms who want to be fit, or better yet, working moms who have decided to incorporate fitness into their lives?

Being married to a world-class wife and mom who's also a career woman has taught me many things about what it takes to stay on top of one's game. First is to get the workout done early, before the kids are up and the day gets completely out-of-control. Even a 20 or 30 minute resistance training regimen or some cardio inevitably makes one feel accomplished before the sun has even hit the horizon, and while others are still sleeping the fit mom is on her way to getting in, or staying in shape.

Another technique is one I have used myself as a fit dad, which is to schedule workout times and honour them the same as I would for a client. Put it in the calendar, go through the entire ritual, whether it be at the gym or at home, and dedicate that time to fitness. It's unfortunate how easy it is to schedule time for others at the expense of ourselves.

This should go without saying, but the routine needs to be pre-planned. As a trainer I always design my own training splits in advance, never leaving anything to chance. This is the reason Reach Victoria offers program design (site is being updated on this, until then email for details), because without the knowledge and a plan, simply dedicating the time will never work. 

When in doubt, involve the family. Juggling family, career and fitness as separate entities is nearly impossible, so why try when there is no need. Clan hikes have become a mainstay in our lives, and my wife has been a rockstar in taking our German Shepherd for early morning runs. Two birds with one stone on staying in shape and teaching one's kids such healthy habits, and exercising man's best friend is always a plus.

Another tip is to use one's own house as a gym. Some of the best shape I've ever been in was where I had no gym, and the only equipment I really had were my drive and creativity. Use chairs, towels, books and even each other as needed to reach one's goals. Reach Victoria's experience can easily be put to work in this arena.

In the end, as long as the goal is to better the self, and the family, support should be a given. And with the support of a strong spouse and one's kids, what more is needed? No more excuses, only results.

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