Antioxidants To Reduce Muscle Soreness

Antioxidants To Reduce Muscle Soreness

By Raymond Shipley

Lately, I have been having much success in blasting muscles. This is due, in part, to utilizing a slower, more controlled style of lifting in order to increase the muscle's time under tension, and the results have been fun...for me at least. I hope some of you agree. Of course, the muscle soreness experienced is none too fun at the time, and so I'd like to offer a quick tip to help combat such sore muscles.

It would seem that, among other fruits and nuts such as black raspberries, raspberries, strawberries, walnuts and almonds, pomegranate juice helps both reduce muscle soreness and improve strength. In addition to playing a protective role in preventing heart disease, high blood pressure and prostate cancer, pomegranate juice can even protect skeletal muscle. 

The antioxidants found in some foods seem to help provide protective effects from muscle damage. This may be linked to a reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation caused by exercise. It would seem that, in addition to the already listed benefits of such antioxidants, other forms of inflammation could be reduced in similar fashion; something to remember before grabbing an NSAIDs for a sore back.

This information may not seem overwhelmingly informative; however, when sore muscles threaten to stand in the way of daily tasks such information may come in handy. 

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