All In a Day’s Work

All In a Day's Work

By Raymond Shipley

No matter how busy our daily lives get, creating a routine for our children is paramount. Teaching them what to expect from us on a daily basis creates a secure atmosphere that offers the ability to grow freely because there is a safety net. Through such routine the lesson is Mom and Dad can always be counted on.

One of the easiest ways to establish routine is with meals and bed time. It has been written about before by Reach Victoria that sharing meals is of the utmost importance, and this remains true in scheduling and routine. Likewise, creating a routine for bed time assists with the ease in transition from awake to asleep, and I'm unaware of any parent that couldn't use more ease in this area. Moreover, including chores in the routine, such as picking up toys and brushing teeth, will help teach responsibility. Whether it is bath time, followed by pajamas and a story, or brushing teeth and prayers, setting that routine will inevitably make bedtime smoother.

Despite the ease with which our own lives can get in the way of spending time with family, it is always advisable to put off doing our own chores in place of family time. In the event such things absolutely cannot wait, try trading responsibilities on occasion with husband or wife in order to ensure the kids get to enjoy spending time with you. Nothing supersedes family.

Of course, there are exceptions to most rules, including the occasions we have to break routine because life simply demands it be so. There will be times when a long day turns into sleeping children on the way home, or routine could fall victim to the excitement of family vacation. In these events, where one cannot simply accept the inevitable, it is advisable to showcase a calm demeanor that one's children can emulate. Actions always teach more profound lessons than lectures, and one would be wise to not forget this.

We all search for meaning in life and our children are no different. Providing them with a safe environment ripe for growth is more than just the right thing to do, it is a responsibility essential to their being. In providing them with strong roots we also gift them with the ability to soar.

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